Hi all!  I’m Charissa Goerge.

I’ve been making and selling my art/crafts since I was young. I always had a passion for functional art including pottery, weaving, jewelry, and fashion design.

In 2006, I graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, a Studio Art major concentrating in ceramics and weaving, an Art History minor, and a K-12 art teaching certification to top it all off.  After college (and a short time as a potter), I taught high school art for 5 years where I continued my artistic passions in my free time.

In 2010, after designing and making my outfit for chaperoning Prom, I developed the idea of my convertible dress. I spent an entire summer working with my mom (the “expert” seamstress in the family) prototyping and tweaking the idea until we came up with the current short A-line dress. We knew immediately that it could be a big hit, especially for bridal parties (who wants yet another bridesmaid dress that doesn’t flatter your body type and you will never wear again).

As I left my teaching position to pursue my fashion line full time, the dress continued to evolve with more options and variations to fit everyone’s budget, style, and body shape. More is being added to my line of clothing and accessories all the time!

long A 2-tone CG