A truly versatile, convertible wrap dress that is only limited by your imagination. It also doubles as a skirt, and short versions can be worn as a tunic top and look great with jeans or leggings.

It can be easily dressed up or down to fit any occasion, from a formal gala to a casual outing.  It makes a GREAT bridesmaid dress (or even a wedding dress). They can each choose a wrapping style that flatters their body type and express their own unique style, and after the big day is over, have an amazing dress to wear over and over again. I offer free dress shortening, too (perfect for those long Free-Style bridesmaid or wedding dresses)!

Each dress is hand made to order from high quality, low-maintenance nylon/spandex fabric, which allows for extra stretch and comfort. It flatters all body types and is maternity friendly. For curvy or pregnant women, a full flowing dress will likely be more flattering than a slender a-line dress. Several wrapping styles allow for a regular, convertible, or strapless bra to be worn discretely.

A matching bandeau (tube top) can be purchased along with your dress. The bandeau can be worn under the dress for more coverage and support (with or without a bra) and allows for even more wrapping freedom.

The Free-Style Dress comes in several customizable styles including short, mid, or long lengths, slender A-line or full flowing skirts, & angled (high-low) or butterfly hems.  Also available in two-tone, reversible, and double layers.

Comes with Dress Wrapping and Idea Guide for a few basic looks as well as an idea page with basic instructions to prompt your imagination. Get your dress and a mirror, and just have fun! Combine ideas to create new and different looks.

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